cappelloAccademia Italiana Chef Institute

Italian Cuisine, World heritage of taste.


Recognized worldwide as the Style of Cooking par excellence, the Italian Cuisine has enchanted millions of people, both through its “Classics” and through the creation of new tastes and trends. But the Italian style in the kitchen is a heritage to “protect” and “spread” in the right way and in the proper context, in order to safeguard the distinct characteristics of taste and character.


A Nation Wide Culture which became a world heritage

Outside Italy, more than 75,000 activities boast to call themselves “Italian Restaurants“…

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New standards for professional training in Italian Cuisine

New formulas are born from centuries of experience, to build practical and ability skills…

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A constant research to safeguard the typical Excellency

A careful study of our traditions combined with the research of the market changes…

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The New Media changes the way to teach

The media have undergone a radical change, which occurred in the course of a few years. The high levels of technology available to the public and the web have transformed the way people search for information. The world of education could not remain excluded from this innovative process, because if you had to change the approach to education you would also change the mental with which the public is willing to compare…

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